“A portrait is a lesson on how one human being should approach another”
– Dorothea Lang 1965

This website represents 29 years of work. I acquired my first camera when I was 15. With no access to a darkroom, I purchased a Beseler Cadet Enlarger and begged a friend’s parents to let me use their dungeon of a basement, where I taught myself to develop film and how to print. My last 3 years of high school were spent on the road, my camera and movable “darkroom” always with me, never collecting dust. I studied photography at SUNY Purchase, again setting up a home in my darkroom. At Purchase, I learned Platinum printing, kallitype, Cyanotype, Gum Bi/Dichromate, Silver printing, large format photography, how to enlarge negatives, and how to look at photographs. It was a dream. After Purchase, I attended SUNY New Paltz to study graphic design, printmaking, and above all photography. After three years at New Paltz, I got my MFA, taught photography at the college level, and built a successful freelance photography career. Photography is a way of life for me. I’ve been fortunate enough to have a career doing what it is I love most in life.

I’ve divided this site into two sections; my own personal work and my work for clients as a freelancer. In 2005, I created NY vintage Camera Works LTD. I specialize in medical photography, working extensively with healthcare professionals, in the operating room, and in every aspect of patient care.

I’ve spent the last 16 years immersed in the NY, NJ, PA healthcare environment.

Enjoy the site!